How to remove visicom_antiphishing.exe

visicom_antiphishing.exe Scan Results:

Your PC Scan Results:
Scan Time: visicom_antiphishing.exe Problems: Detected
Operating System: System Performance: Need to Optimized
Resolution: Registry Errors: Detected
Browser: Danger Rating: High
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What is visicom_antiphishing.exe?

We received the files of visicom_antiphishing.exe on 15.4.2011. and detected it is a rogue anti-spyware program. visicom_antiphishing.exe file size of the samples we received is unknown bytes. visicom_antiphishing.exe is a critical system problem that is commonly caused by an unstable system registry or corrupt system files that are required to run Windows smoothly. This must be fixed immediately to prevent further problems to your data, applications and hardware.

Common error messages that you might see about visicom_antiphishing.exe errors:

  • "Cannot start Microsoft Windows. A required component is missing: visicom_antiphishing.exe"
  • "Error starting the application because visicom_antiphishing.exe"
  • "File visicom_antiphishing.exe is missing."
  • "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Windows\system32\ visicom_antiphishing.exe. Please re-install a copy of the above file."
  • "Error loading visicom_antiphishing.exe"
  • Common problems
    • Windows Defender encountered an error 0x80508018
    • No Disk Error
    • This process tries to connect to
    • You are prompted to debug when browsing some web pages
    • visicom_antiphishing.exe uses 100% of your CPU when right-clicking on an item
    • Windows will not boot due to visicom_antiphishing.exe not being found
    Risks that can result from not repairing your computer include:
    • Crashed computer
    • Blue Screen of Death
    • visicom_antiphishing.exe processes load failure
    • Corrupt or invalid file allocation list, swap file, password list and registry, Incorrect BIOS setting
    • System freezes
    • Annoying computer crashes
    • Computer affected with virus, malware, spyware or Trojan
    • A mass of empty registry keys, embedded keys, invalid uninstall entries, sound sections, help sections, invalid shortcuts and invalid file extensions
    • BIOS settings for Wait states, RAM timing, or other BIOS settings
    • System crashes
    • Damaged swap file
    • Lower and lower CPU usage
    • Corrupt or invalid visicom_antiphishing.exe
    How to fix visicom_antiphishing.exe errors?

    As we know, adware and trojan can cause the pc crash by modifying or destroying the registry so that the pc won't execute normally. After the virus and virus are uninstalled, the registry is also changed or destroyed, so your pc will still execute slow and also has many problems. That's why you must fix the registry, and many trojan and the virus leave many Useless data in your pc, so this will cause a large number of strange problems and also affect your pc performance.

    To get your pc execute as fast as before or much faster than before,
    1. Download and install RegUtility.
    2. Run a full scan of your registry.
    3. Click "Repair All" and repair all errors detected.

    After these 3 easy steps, Regutility will make your computer run like new.